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In this call, we'll uncover what your biggest blocks in marketing and business are for scaling your practice and to determine if we are a good fit to work together. If we are, we'll then strategize how you can get from where you are now, whether that's:
  • Inconsistent revenue
  • Uncommitted clients
  • Fear of sales and marketing
  • ​ Thoughts of giving up on this business as a career path :
  • In love with your business
  • Getting consistent leads, clients, and revenue through magnetic content crafting, a strategic marketing strategy, and an irresistible program
  • ​ Thoughts of giving up on this business as a career path
(And if we're not a fit, I'll help point you in a helpful direction!)
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If you’re a talented functional health practitioner or coach who wants to go from $2-4k/mo to $10k+ what’s really missing.
Chances are you've landed here because you're super passionate about what you do BUT you haven't been able to attract in your soulmate clients and make a comfortable (and dare I say lucrative!) living off of it. Instead, you're taking on any client who comes your way and discounting your prices because you don't think anyone can pay for coaching.

I built a successful health coaching and functional nutrition practice that brings in $10-30k/mo consistently, I've had a waitlist 3 times, and my marketing channels now work FOR me. But it wasn't because of a fancy funnel or a viral video or sheer luck. It was because I was able to create magnetic marketing copy that attracted my soulmate clients who valued their health and were willing and ready to invest...AND they were the clients who saw far more success than those I formerly discounted.

As a marketing professional for the last 10 years, I've helped over 100 companies create and scale their businesses through organic marketing strategies, content storytelling, and human-to-human conversations. I've written well over 5,000 social media posts, over 500 web pages, and even worked for Twitter itself. I now exclusively help passionate health and wellness coaches who want to increase their impact and income, attract soulmate clients, and gain a new relationship with marketing, sales, and pricing to finally bring their DREAM business to life.
Kristin Thomas
CEO and Founder of
the Health & Wellness Business School
What Our Clients Are Saying
"Kristin has helped me gain the confidence that I can bring my dream functional medicine facility to life. She’s helped me gain clarity on my vision and the path to get there, how to confidently charge my worth, and get clear on exactly what to do every week to move my business forward."

- -Gene G., RPh, FIACP, IFMCP
"I have signed on five new clients already, and if I get just four more, I will have a waitlist!!!! This is MY YEAR! Clients are coming out of the woodwork and my confidence is through the roof! I know that this program is catapulting me to where I am supposed to be!"

- Treva T., FDN-P
“When I got on the phone with Kristin, I connected with her instantly and knew she was what I needed, what I was looking for, and exactly what I wanted. Best investment and decision ever!”

- Kylene T., FDN-P
"I was absolutely BLOWN away by Kristin's program - the ground we covered and the process we are going through is top-notch. I am just loving you more and more each day. I am so hopeful and positive about the future of my business thanks to you…and it’s just the beginning! Thank you for delivering such amazingness.

- Sarah R., FDN-P
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